○ About Greenest

Greenest, "the most green shop", sells eco-friendly, recycled and fair-trade products from around the world. We cherish the concept "mottainai", a Japanese word spotted a light by Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Wangari Maathai. The concept of "mottainai" is to use the most of the stuff. In a word, " Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

In the developed countries like we are living, we are surrounded by all kinds of disposable products. This leads to a pile of garbage which few of them are recycled. In comparison, in developing countries, they make a lot kinds of beautiful products with recycled materials.

Greenest import these recycled products from around the world to activate developing country's craft work and to spread mottainai spirit in the developed countries.


○ Greenest products

●Plastic pencils
Why pencils have to be made of trees? Greenset's pencils are made of used plastic, in ten colors. We also sell stationary (pens, notebooks etc) made of recycled plastic or paper.

●Paper beads bracelets
This beautiful beads made of waste magazine or used advertising poster in Kenya. Cut the paper in thin pieces, then roll it up and glue the edge. It is not painted, it is from the original color of the paper and varies from pieces.

●Plastic bag
Woven bag with used plastic bag. This is the perfect solution for re-using disposable plastic bags. Plastic doesn't degrade itself and remain in the nature forever. Plastic woven bag gives a solution for re-utilizing the disposable material.

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